The 20 Most Influential Crypto Bloggers of 2020

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While there are dozens, if not hundreds of great article writers centered on cryptocurrencies, naturally some are better than others. They all try their best, of course, but some of them have more knowledge, or a better way of spreading it, that simply makes their predictions more accurate and their explanations easier to understand.
To help you find some of those crypto writers you’ll want to follow, we have gathered a small list with twenty of them, along with why they’re so good and where to find them.
1. Andreas M. AntonopoulosOne of the biggest independent names in the cryptocurrency sphere, Antonopoulos has made it his duty to educate the world about the possibilities and uses of blockchain. His extensive work reaches all mediums, including not only articles but also whole books and even series of YouTube videos and appearances.
Andreas’s first huge success in the crypto space was his 2014 book “Mastering Bitcoin,” where his attempts to reach the masses were both …

Binance P2P Lending Platform: How it works

Binance keeps helping the overall crypto market advance in strides, rather than steps, by adding useful, but until now somewhat niche, features to one of the largest exchanges in the world.
As part of Binance’s 2.0 rollout, which saw the implementation of a distributed crypto exchange that uses the blockchain itself, Binance’s P2P Lending Platform is yet another step in the road towards creating a stable cryptocurrency economy and, with it, making mass crypto adoption a reality.
What is a P2P Lending Platform?
Perhaps Binance’s main failure when implementing this new feature was its given name. While the community has been using the term for a while now, the phrase “P2P Lending Platform” doesn’t really mean anything for your average person. This leads many people to think said feature is likely useless – or, since it has “P2P” in it, perhaps part of some distributed system they don’t need.
A P2P Lending Platform is an online platform that allows its customers to both lend and borrow their…

5 Cryptocurrencies With Excellent Earnings Potential You Must Review For Great Gains

Are you looking for the best way to invest your hard-earned money so that you can get maximum returns from it? Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies but don’t know which will be the best to invest in this 2020?
Cryptocurrencies took the world by storm in 2017 with a whopping 1500% increase in Bitcoin price, and this has led to an increased number of investors. 
However, because of the price volatility of cryptocurrencies, you need to know the right cryptocurrency to invest in, and that’s why this article is written.
Below are 5 cryptocurrencies to watch out for if you want to transform your finances in 2020: 1. Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market. Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, it has grown through much criticism and disdain to become the most valuable cryptocurrency all over the world. 
The current price of Bitcoin is something to write home about, but more than that, it promises to break more grounds in the future, and 2020 will prob…

The Best Performing Cryptocurrencies To Watch in 2020

Anyone who knows just a tiny bit of the crypto market can tell you to invest in Bitcoin  or Ethereum. Depending on when you receive this advice it may be good or bad, but it’s certainly not a difficult advice to come across.
What can be difficult to know is which smaller, newer tokens to invest in. The crypto market is controlled by big tokens and flooded with small ones so much that finding one’s own way through it can be impossible without guidance. This can be a problem for newer investors since it’s smaller tokens that have the biggest chance for large returns in the short-term.
While the tokens listed below aren’t necessarily new (as in, they didn’t make a debut in 2019,) they aren’t as well-known as others and, in most cases, they’re still new and cheaper tokens that can boost your earnings potential.
Chainlink Although Chainlink is nowhere near being one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, its position as an underdog is changing – and fast.
The reason for this is simple: …

The Monero Market Potential Explained

In a landscape that is populated by several projects with similar objectives and use cases, Monero clearly is a departure from the norm in the cryptocurrency space. Luckily, in our world today, the need for anonymity cannot be completely avoided in many facets of life.
Having a crypto that meets the yearnings of a class of users with a specific expectation is a marked move that is proving worthwhile for the inventors of XMR. Although there are challenges that Monero faces in certain parts of the world, there exists enough market to serve investment enthusiasts.
Why Was Monero Invented?
Monero was made and designed for cryptocurrency users who are all out for anonymity. While many people do not bother about the public status of their transactions, there are others who really care about what shows up in the public space.
It is to meet the need of people who do not want their transactions open to public scrutiny that Monero was launched. Interestingly, Monero was not designed out of t…

How Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Making A Difference

Kraken was set up in 2013 in the U.S. and it has grown in leaps and bounds since then. It presently ranks as one of the trusted crypto exchnages and commands respect and a userbase that rivals the likes of Coinbase and Binance.
Since Kraken was Powell’s first open foray into blockchain ventures, there’s little to relate the exchange with his previous work, and very few specific companies to tie it to.
However, as usual with crypto exchanges, Kraken is closely related to the main players on the field, such as Binance or Coinbase. Kraken’s success and features affect those of its competition, and all ventures its competition get into affect Kraken in turn.
A specific exchange that Kraken is most related to is Mt. Gox, a now-closed crypto exchange that boasted being the largest exchange in the world. 
By 2013, it was believed the exchange handled 70% of all Bitcoin transactions, making it notoriously larger than any other exchange before and since then. The exchange has since gone bankr…