Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: Which are the lowest?

Nobody likes paying transaction fees. Be it from using our debit/credit cards, from bank transfers, or from payment services like PayPal, there’s a part of us that always feels bad when we notice the added fees – particularly if we add them up.Since this is the case for fiat money, it stands to reason most people would feel the same about cryptocurrency fees. However, while most articles on crypto fees will give you detailed information on which exchanges offer you the lowest fees (and for which currencies,) we rarely ever take a look at another important part: The fees currencies themselves charge.Why do cryptocurrencies take fees?Blockchain – that is, the technology behind cryptocurrencies – relies on a semi-distributed ledger where, instead of a single server keeping track of transactions and authentication, every node on the network does. However, as everything in the world, keeping these nodes up costs money.In Blockchain’s case, this money isn’t a monthly server costs fee that t…

Five Features of Cryptocurrencies that Beats Fiat as COVID-19 Halts Global Markets

As coronavirus halts and bullies the global market and economy, many people are seeking the best means to secure their wealth by converting it to a more stable and reliable store of value. This is one big reason why cryptocurrency is valuable – its resilience to economic crises.Fiat has helped in many ways and will likely remain a store of value all over the world, but as you know it, the economic downturn is taking a bad toll on the financial situation of some countries. Recession will likely hit the world's economies , and that’s all because of the way the traditional fiat works. Think about this scenario- assuming countries use cryptocurrency, tit will be largely untied to economic vagaries.There are many other crypto features that beat the traditional fiat in and out of a pandemic, and I will share the top 5 features with you in the following paragraphs.1. Resistance to InflationThe strength of fiat currency is dependent on the strength of its issuing body – the government. Al…

How The Digital Yuan Could Be Another Game Changer Extending China's Global Economic Domination

A New World of National CryptocurrenciesThough many national cryptocurrencies prefer to be known as CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), mainly because they are controlled by the central bank and government, they still have the main characteristics of blockchain cryptocurrencies, which are anonymity and transparency.Some countries have taken a giant step in launching their own national cryptocurrencies, such as Dubai’s EmCash, Senegal’s eCFA, and Venezuela’s Petro. Other countries like Japan, Sweden, and Russia plan to launch their own national cryptocurrencies soon (though some of these countries show little enthusiasm while some may have even pulled out).But of the world’s major economies, China appears to be taking the lead in the creation of national digital currencies, and the highly-anticipated Digital Yuan has been on the mouth of every Chinese, as well as in every crypto community on the web.Let’s find out in this article what Digital Yuan is doing, and how the currency wi…

ETH Testnet 2.0: What You Need to Know

There’s been a lot of discussion on the release of the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain since it was announced and I’m sure you’d want to know every detail there is to know about the Ethereum-led innovation.The first thing I’ll want you to know is that Ethereum 2.0 is not an upgrade of the Ethereum 1.0 blockchain; instead, it is a complete overhaul of the Ethereum 1.0 blockchain to improve scalability, security, decentralization, and the cost of transactions.There are still many questions you’d like to ask about Ethereum 2.0, and that’s why I have made an effort to abridge all that you need to know about ETH Testnet 2.0 in only 500 words. What Are the Features of Ethereum Testnet 2.0?To avoid any confusion, think of “Testnet” as a dummy phone with the same features as the actual phone. Reference to the features of Ethereum Testnet 2.0 is a reference to the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain network.Here are few of the exciting features that Ethereum has carefully put together for all crypto enthusiasts:1…


Crypto tokens are transferable assets or utilities made over an initial coin offering (ICO) usually found on blockchains. ICOs usually involve crowdfunding to support project development. The tokens can be utility tokens (most popular), credit tokens (more like loans), combo tokens (dual function) and equity tokens.
As much as tokens can be very useful, not every token is as safe as it might seem. Many Crypto token marketers are usually insistent and offer massive returns, especially on some “new” and unknown tokens. It is, however, important to avoid tokens without much information and recommendation of known experts on their performance and outlook.
Here are some reasons to avoid marketers parading unknown tokens:
1. Transparency Issues And Fund Theft
In 2018 alone, over 31 million Euros was stolen from investors by these desperate token marketers, many of which have been seen to have exhibited transparency concerns. Majority of theseunscrupulous marketers were mostly domiciled in Geor…

Libra and the Road Ahead: the 2020 Outlook

The Facebook-owned cryptocurrency, Libra, is probably one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest anticipations so far. Being a giant in social media, would Facebook's Libra take the world by storm and become the top used cryptocurrency?
With many integrations, developments, and more on the Libra cryptocurrency, there's so much to expect. On the flip side, however, some of the challenges Facebook has recently faced, including Cambridge Analytica data breach, may have a negative impact.
Independent of Facebook's dedication to the Libra project, we must also find out if other tech giants like Google and Amazon will create their own cryptocurrencies and increase competition for the Facebook-owned cryptocurrency.
Find out in this brief article how Libra has journeyed from its creation and the release of its whitepaper to the other things we should expect this 2020. What Does Libra Have to Offer?Cryptocurrency is known for a decentralized system, but Libra works oppositely to a d…

If You Live In America, These Are The 4 Best Crypto Exchanges You Must Know

Are you a crypto trader who lives in USA ? Are you also looking out for the best crypto exchange or trading platform in USA where you can carry out all your crypto trading activities?
The best crypto exchange platform offers users optimum security, safe wallets, and maybe a two-factor authentication. Moreover, it also has an interactive, easy-to-use interface with a variety of cryptocurrencies for users to trade with.
Here are the 4 best crypto exchanges you must know if you live in America (These 4 exchanges all have their headquarters based in America): 1. Coinbase
Coinbase is headquartered at San Francisco with over 20 million users on the platform and $525 million in venture capital. The platform is easily accessible as it adopts a very simple user interface, which even a novice will get used to over a short period. Leading crypto bloggers are keen to point at this.
The platform currently supports about 14 cryptocurrencies, but I can assure you that your major trading cryptocurriencie…