The Facebook Cryptocurrency-All You Need To Know About Project Libra

Enter The Libra

On June 18, 2019, Facebook Inc. has announced its ambitious plan to launch Libra, a new cryptocurrency. This initiative is an effort of the social media behemoth to expand into the digital payments ecosystem. This has, however, attracted a pushback from some quarters.
Global Association Currency
Facebook has established the Libra association linking 28 partners, including PayPal, MasterCard, Uber, etc. According to the interviews with the executives and the marketing material, it is clear that this Geneva-based association is governing the new digital currency. However, no bank has been made a part of this association until now.
Calibra is the subsidiary created by Facebook simultaneously to facilitate the transaction of this new digital coin that is going to offer digital wallets to send, spend and save this new cryptocurrency. It will be connected to the messaging platforms of Facebook, i.e. Messenger and WhatsApp. The corporation intends to launch this new crypto by …

Binance Ramps Up The Cryptocurrency Market Domination Fight With A New Bitcoin Token Launch

Binance exchange commenced trading on its new Bitcoin BEP2 token known as BTCB. The new token has its value pegged to Bitcoin on a 1:1 basis.

 For a start, there are 9,001 BTCB in issue and they are fully backed up by bitcoin reserves of same value.
A New Bitcoin Composite?

The cryptocurrency market scene has been abuzz with activities in recent months as a new crypto bull market emerged.

Prices of the leading tokens and coins have soared in the last two months. The market capitalization for cryptocurrencies has surged past $280 billion as trading kicked off in June 2019.

The sum of the market developments is that more people have began to pay attention to the crypto market scene with the new rise in prices.
By introducing BTCB, Binance once again is blazing trail. It already commands respect in the marketplace with Binance coin.
By adding BTCB, it is definitely angling to take a leading role in the crypto marketplace place.
Any Immediate Results?
By keeping its innovative division b…

The Cardano Ecosystem and How it Works

Cardano is one of the high-ranking cryptocurrencies on the global crypto chart. The emergence of cardano can be attributed to the need to improve on the potential of cryptocurrencies. It is a third generation blockchain.
Origin of Cardano
Cardano was interestingly founded by two former Ethereum developers. These two are Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson. Furthermore, there are three organizations committed to developing and providing support for Cardano. They are; 1.Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) – a research and development company dedicated to building accessible financial services via the peer-to-peer innovations of Blockchain. 2.The Cardano Foundation – the custodian body for Cardano, responsible for standardizing, protecting and promoting the Cardano platform. 3.Emurgo – A Japanese company whose aim is to develop, support and incubate commercial projects. The company’s goals include revolutionizing their activities using Blockchain technology. Blockchain generations
●Bitcoin and Money tr…

From Trade War Fears To One World Economy: Factors Fueling The New Crypto Frontier

Sunset For A Crypto Age?

The recent surge of bitcoin price gave a new meaning to an emerging crypto frontier. While in the last two years many people decided to be aloof to the blockchain, the story today is different. 
JP Morgan came off its high horse to launch a stablecoin, and leading global consulting gurus-Deloitte and EY- have also assented to blockchain desirability.

A Welcome Rally

The brewing storm between the US and china fueled by macho- figure, President Trump, has opened a new horizon for crypto price leap. In a sense, the face-off between the two global economic superpowers has led some people to seek refuge in cryptocurrencies.
Imagine that sanctions and tariffs will cut off the top slice from the dollar and yen in a few months, and the rest of the world cannot be insulated. However, crypto presents a buckler against economic wars between nations as no single regulator or nation controls it.
The immediate effect so far is that more and more persons are looking at bitco…

As a Day Trader, Here Are Two Things You Can Do in A Crypto Bull Market to Make Some Money

It looks like the crypto bull market is already here with cryptocurrencies posting their best price runs in one year. 
BTC albeit momentarily surged past the $9,000 mark in the last 24 hours of trading. So, beyond the exciting price surge, what can you do to rake in some profits?

1.Trade the Pips

When the market is in a bull run, many traders, investors and ‘tourists’ are active in the market. This means that many people are likely to take positions that they do not have an in-depth understanding to defend.
As this is the case, volatility will be measured within a certain wavelength, and in this case, you can expect wild swings. As a trader, what you can do is to use your stop-limit to its full potential.
Take positions several times a day to reap some gains. For example, trading for BTC might begin at $7,900, you need o set your stop-limit and experiment with $7,980. 
Wait till this position clears and enter the market again. Set a new limit at $8,250 and watch it clear.
Do this rep…

Harmony One Launch: Another Chance For More Than 100 Percent Returns On Binance Launchpad

As Harmony One Launches on Binance launchpad, Investors Could Make More Than 100 Percent Return on Investment in a Few Days.

The next project that is set to launch on Binance Launchpad is Harmony One. The project itself is designed to help anyone or business put up a marketplace for native tokens and usage. 
The other opening here is that a business can leverage on the platform to monetize loyalty credits or points and these are tradeable.
How to make money Here
The approach to make about 100 percent return on the sum invested on this project is quite clear. On the Binance launchpad, projects that are readied for launch have their tokens distributed to holders of Binance Coin.
So, for HarmonyOne, the process is not any different from the projects like Matic that have already gone live.
How to Participate
To participate in the allocation of Harmony one tokens, all you need is to hold BNB tokens for a seven-day period.

The first four days of the 7-days period marked out for eligibility, …