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IOTA Surges 26 percent In 24 Hours As Monday Trading Goes Into Top Gear Across Markets

IOTA has surged in value in one of its best runs in trading this year. As a token that drives the Internet of Things protocol, It has the good fortune as an early adopter of blockchain possibilities.

One of the big wins of IOTA is its adoption of zero fees and a fast transaction processing timeframe. It has no caps on transaction completion per second.

As at early Sunday morning trades, data supplied by Coinmarketcap shows that MIOTA traded for $0.272165 only to peak at $ 0.321875 by Monday morning.

While the reason for the surge cannot be found in the financial headlines, there is a real reason to believe that IOTA offers a tangible potential in the marketplace as an IOT platform.

Trading Markets

IOTA is presently traded in at least 18 of the leading crypto exchanges. Some of these are Binance, Coinone, Bitfinex, Huobi, OkEx, to name a few.

In each of these markets, it is easy to buy on a crypto-to-basis, and also to buy IOTA with fiat. Binance has enabled fiat deposits this year,…

Bitcoin Survives the Bitfinex Scare and Holds Above The $5,200 Price Mark

Bitcoin is trading above the $5,200 mark as Friday trading closes in New York. The wonder coin suffered a price slump and tethered around $5,100 at just past midnight UTC in the early hours of Friday.

Bitfinex was in the news again tin the last 24 hours after the New York Attorney General was reported to have reported a $850 million loss of funds by the crypto exchange.

Bitfinex Suffers Traders Exit

As the report of the Attorney General hit the waves, several users of Bitfinex scrambled to transfer their fund to other exchanges. This was obviously due to a fear of the unknown. As is the case in the volatile crypto market, this report led to a dampening of the momentum enjoyed by Bitcoin since the beginning of April.

Bitfinex fought back and accused the Attorney General of bad faith. A spokesman of the exchange alluded to infractions by banking powerhouse, Merrill Lynch some years back. A similar scenario to what has befallen Bitfinex is what happened to the ML and yet, there was no a…

Bitcoin ATMS Spread as Crypto Markets Look Set To flourish

As crypto markets look set to flourish once again, reports have indicated that Bitcoin ATMs are spreading rapidly in the US. The following Tweet explains it better:

Earlier on this month, there were reports that that a crypto firm was adding 30 new Bitcoin ATMs in the Chicago area. This was followed by the reports that a Lightning-driven software ATM was showcased in Hong Kong.

All these reports point to the increasing awareness about Bitcoin usage that is gaining grounds around the globe. No more does it appear that crypto is mean for just money-making schemes only. It is getting a nod as a driver of global commerce in steady gait.

Bitcoin Depot Rising

The company behind the rapid spread of Bitcoin ATMs in many parts of the world is Bitcoin Depot. The company is reputed to have opened new ATMs across 7 American states in January 2019.

Without a bother about how the company expects to recoup its investment as it launched serv…

Bitcoin Looks Set To Surpass the 100 Billion Dollars Capitalization Mark This Week

Bitcoin has been in the news for good reason this past week. It has shrugged off the sub -$4,000 market price at the beginning of April to break through the $5,000 price resistance. As at this morning’s trade, it sits comfortably above $5,600.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of Bitcoin stands at $98.9 billion by morning trades of April 24, 2019. Over the past 24 hours, the market price has risen by 2.4 percent. The price moves have the effect of pushing up the market capitalization.

The good fortune so far came on sine the beginning of April and it might yet last for longer.

Overall, the market scenario is looking good with Bitcoin notably giving the altcoins a bounce as well. Ethereum has had a 1.69 percent surge in the last 7 days with current trading price at $169.64.

Binance Coin has also emerged as one of the top gainers with $22.52 with 14.16 percent leap over the last 7 days.

Another top performer is Tezos with more than 19.82 percent price leap over the last …

Is Binance Coin The New Goldmine? Analysts Ponder As Binance Coin (BNB) Continues On Price Ascendancy

Binance coin-BNB continues its ascendancy as the markets open for the new week. BNB was trading at 24.42 USD as the American markets entered midday today. To many people, they are at a loss over the impressive run by the Binance gem.

Let us look at some factors driving its rampage:

The Resurgence of Bitcoin

Bitcoin shot through the roof of the $4,000 mark earlier in April and this to many market minders was a positive signal. Without looking for esoteric reasons for the spike in BNB price, this is one certain reference point for the occurrence.

Binance has been the leading cryptocurrency exchange by market volume since 2017, and this was as a result of its business direction.

The exchange started out as a globally-focused enterprise that admitted users from everywhere on earth. The only exception was countries where crypto activities are outlawed.

In the heat of the rising crypto wave in 2017/18, many people scrambled to get into the market, and Binance provided a credible platform …

The Smart Contract Gateway To The Future That You Must Know

Blockchain continues to show its potential beyond serving as the gateway for cryptocurrencies

This innovative technology is now geared towards revolutionizing several facets of life using decentralization methodologies across a wide spectrum of applications.

The exponential launch of new blockchain projects over the last 12 months is proof of this. At its core, many of these projects are utilizing the Ethereum platform’s smart contract technology, a powerful application of blockchain methodologies.

Auto- Execution

Smart contracts are just like any other regular contract in that they enforce an agreement between one or two parties. What makes Smart Contracts especially powerful, though, is that once the conditions of the deal are met, the contract automatically executes itself – without the need for a middleman.

Tamper proof and fraud proof, it promotes complete fairness, transparency and trust. It helps eliminate the security issues of having a third party facilitate the contract, w…

16,000 Percentage Points Return: Remember Ardor?

Today, the market cap of Bitcoin has surpassed a massive 40 billion USD gain. The last time this kind of surge was seen was in 2017.

It was a memorable year for cryptocurrency investors and there is no doubt about this.

A little unknown cryptocurrency called Ardor surged in value to close the year at 16,000 times its listing price.

In real terms, there is no known investment or commodity that performed so spectacularly over the course of 12 months.

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency market has posted some crazy returns that any other investment vehicle has not rivaled to date.The market has huge potentials and there is no doubt about that.

There is an in-built volatility in the market that cannot be overlooked. However, beyond that, there are enough safeguards to use in order to avoid massive losses. This is where the help of professionals can make a difference.

Reaching for the Right Resources

Professional mentors are making it possible for more people to trade cryptocurre…

Veteran Investor Makes A Bold Prediction About Bitcoin And The Future Of Money

Bitcoin has climbed this week as market bulls try to chase away the bears that have been in control for over a year, with the bitcoin price soaring briefly above the psychological $4,000 mark yesterday.

The bitcoin price has struggled to break out of its long-running bear market so far this year, with investors and traders desperately trying to call a bottom to the tumbling market that's seen the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fall by more than $400 billion in a little over a year.

Now, veteran investor and renowned bitcoin bull Tim Draper has predicted it will be just a few short years before everyone is using bitcoin and it will be just criminals who want to hold onto cash—advising people to invest "before it's too late."

Bitcoin has climbed this week as market bulls try to chase away the bears that have been in control for over a year, with the bitcoin price soaring briefly above the psychological $4,000 mark yesterday.

The bitcoin price has struggle…