Bitcoin Looks Set To Surpass the 100 Billion Dollars Capitalization Mark This Week

Bitcoin has been in the news for good reason this past week. It has shrugged off the sub -$4,000 market price at the beginning of April to break through the $5,000 price resistance. As at this morning’s trade, it sits comfortably above $5,600.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of Bitcoin stands at $98.9 billion by morning trades of April 24, 2019. Over the past 24 hours, the market price has risen by 2.4 percent. The price moves have the effect of pushing up the market capitalization.

The good fortune so far came on sine the beginning of April and it might yet last for longer.

Overall, the market scenario is looking good with Bitcoin notably giving the altcoins a bounce as well. Ethereum has had a 1.69 percent surge in the last 7 days with current trading price at $169.64.

Binance Coin has also emerged as one of the top gainers with $22.52 with 14.16 percent leap over the last 7 days.

Another top performer is Tezos with more than 19.82 percent price leap over the last 7 days.

Overall Sentiment

The crypto market has a positive overall sentiment, and this will help drive the market in a comfortable leap in the coming days. For crypto traders who are looking for profit-taking, the season is open to take positions and earn some rewards.


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