IOTA Surges 26 percent In 24 Hours As Monday Trading Goes Into Top Gear Across Markets

IOTA has surged in value in one of its best runs in trading this year. As a token that drives the Internet of Things protocol, It has the good fortune as an early adopter of blockchain possibilities.

One of the big wins of IOTA is its adoption of zero fees and a fast transaction processing timeframe. It has no caps on transaction completion per second.

As at early Sunday morning trades, data supplied by Coinmarketcap shows that MIOTA traded for $0.272165 only to peak at $ 0.321875 by Monday morning.

While the reason for the surge cannot be found in the financial headlines, there is a real reason to believe that IOTA offers a tangible potential in the marketplace as an IOT platform.

Trading Markets

IOTA is presently traded in at least 18 of the leading crypto exchanges. Some of these are Binance, Coinone, Bitfinex, Huobi, OkEx, to name a few.

In each of these markets, it is easy to buy on a crypto-to-basis, and also to buy IOTA with fiat. Binance has enabled fiat deposits this year, and you can deposit the amount you wish to trade and convert to MIOTA.

Trading Pairs

The trading pairs on these exchanges do vary, but the leading bases crypto are BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and PAX.

So, for traders who have any of these crypto in their wallet, you only need to send them across to your exchange wallet and begin to trade. Since, the fundamental buy and sell efficiency exists on crypto exchanges, it is easier for retail traders to utilize them.

Optimal Trade

To optimize your trade, it is better to take advantage of an exchange that utilizes stop-limit and stop-loss prompts on the trading dashboard. This is as the crypto market is volatile, and while the MIOTA market price might skyrocket at the moment, it could crash by the end of day.

For any savvy trader, it is time to head to your crypto exchange account right now and join the fray. Only remember to use the stop-loss advantage and stay above the loss margins.


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