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As a Day Trader, Here Are Two Things You Can Do in A Crypto Bull Market to Make Some Money

It looks like the crypto bull market is already here with cryptocurrencies posting their best price runs in one year. 
BTC albeit momentarily surged past the $9,000 mark in the last 24 hours of trading. So, beyond the exciting price surge, what can you do to rake in some profits?

1.Trade the Pips

When the market is in a bull run, many traders, investors and ‘tourists’ are active in the market. This means that many people are likely to take positions that they do not have an in-depth understanding to defend.
As this is the case, volatility will be measured within a certain wavelength, and in this case, you can expect wild swings. As a trader, what you can do is to use your stop-limit to its full potential.
Take positions several times a day to reap some gains. For example, trading for BTC might begin at $7,900, you need o set your stop-limit and experiment with $7,980. 
Wait till this position clears and enter the market again. Set a new limit at $8,250 and watch it clear.
Do this rep…

Harmony One Launch: Another Chance For More Than 100 Percent Returns On Binance Launchpad

As Harmony One Launches on Binance launchpad, Investors Could Make More Than 100 Percent Return on Investment in a Few Days.

The next project that is set to launch on Binance Launchpad is Harmony One. The project itself is designed to help anyone or business put up a marketplace for native tokens and usage. 
The other opening here is that a business can leverage on the platform to monetize loyalty credits or points and these are tradeable.
How to make money Here
The approach to make about 100 percent return on the sum invested on this project is quite clear. On the Binance launchpad, projects that are readied for launch have their tokens distributed to holders of Binance Coin.
So, for HarmonyOne, the process is not any different from the projects like Matic that have already gone live.
How to Participate
To participate in the allocation of Harmony one tokens, all you need is to hold BNB tokens for a seven-day period.

The first four days of the 7-days period marked out for eligibility, …

Binance Exchange Announces More Than 1million USD Giveaway In The Aftermath of System Upgrade

Binance exchange has announced that it is giving away more than 1 million in BNB bonuses to users of the platform. The mode of distribution is spelt out and only users of the platform who are able to trade at least 1 BTC over the next 7 days will be eligible for the bonuses.

System Upgrade

Binance exchange had to undergo a system upgrade that shuttered trading and other operations of the exchange for the first 10 hours of May 15, 2019. Trading resumed only at 2PM UTC, and all operations have now been restored.

In the last 7 days, users of Binance have been unable to withdraw their earnings and balances after hackers made away with 7000BTC from the exchange.

Although the modus operandi used by the hackers have not been revealed, what is known is that it led to the loss of about 56 million USD.

Preparing for the Future

The exchange issued a set of 10 tips to help users guard against hackers who are everywhere on the Internet and social media. It is expected that in-house procedures wou…

As Crypto Bulls Rage, Here is Your Best Trading Strategy For Optimal Returns

The best trading strategy in the crypto market as prices remain volatile
The crypto bulls are still raging, and Bitcoin has seen a price leap of 40 percent above its trading height of just 7 days ago. As of May 7th, BTC traded for 5,900 USD and as at the time of this report, it was hovering under just 8,300 USD

The legendary bandwagon effect of bitcoin has been at play with most crypto gaining some traction in the process. To any discerning market watcher, the question will be-how do I profit at this time?
1. Not yet buy to hodl
As it is still early days yet in the crypto spring, many traders and investors could make a mistake by deciding to buy and hold. 
Why this strategy has its place, it might not be yet be the time to just buy, sit back, and watch the market price surge.
Am I sounding like a contrarian to the prevailing views? Maybe. However, the truth is, it is early days yet for anyone to buy and just sit back.

What then should you do? Read the next step.
2. Buy, watch, and sell

This i…

RED ALERT: Bitcoin Bulls On Steroids As Market Price Soars

Bitcoin price has hit a bull run with latest market data showing a leap of over 7 percent in the last 24 hours. In the last day, it has been soaring so much like bulls on steroids. 
The state of the market today is clearly bullish and the traders and investors around the world would rather that it lasts.
What is driving the market?

Clearly, the overall market sentiment right now is positive, and many people are jumping to take a position
The market cap of bitcoin has hit 112 billion USD as at morning trades GMT today, and the transaction volumes have crossed the 18 billion USD mark.
This 7-day data chart tells the story:

Against All Odds
The bull run seemed long in coming as the antagonists of the bitcoin market ran out of fuel in a last gasp.
 In a reversal of fortunes, the big banking brand, JP Morgan capitulated from its ‘against-position’ of the last 18 months to launch its stablecoin, JPMCoin in first quarter 2019.
In addition, it has also ramped up work on its Quorum blockchain

Looking for The Fastest Blockchains, Here are the Top Picks You Must Know

Image by thenextweb. In the current financial system, no one in any part of the world is willing to wait for up to 7 business days to process and confirm a transaction. 
High transaction fees, delayed payments, too much paperwork, and limited transactions are some worst experience we have faced with banking systems especially when sending money overseas.
In order to eradicate such problems, Blockchain technology comes to the rescue. With Blockchain, sending money to any part of the world has been made easy. Currently, we are talking about processing a transaction within seconds if not minutes.
It's worth noting that transaction speed plays a vital role in the banking industry. In fact, fast transaction speed is one of the key factors behind the wild adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency systems can handle thousands of simultaneous transactions at a given time.
It has also been made possible to validate transactions without 3rd parties which in most cases are associated with h…

As Bitcoin Whales Are Taking Positions, Here Is What You Can Do

Whenever crypto whales begin to make moves in the market, it is often a subject of scrutiny.
As the price of bitcoin showed a lift in recent weeks, it has become obvious that the big players are accumulating the wonder coin.
According to a market report, it is obvious that the move in the market in recent weeks is akin to what was seen in the last major bitcoin price rally of 2017.

Beyond that, fees collected by miners on bitcoin transactions have picked up of late that many people see that as significant.
Tracking Whale Movement
Why is it necessary to track whale movement? A watcher of oceans can tell when the big whales are moving through the space as a result of their size. Same applies to the crypto market. 
There are bitcoin wallets that are known to accumulate the wonder coin by the numbers.
The good thing is that this is noticeable by anyone who pays attention to the bitcoin blockchain explorer. So, what does the accumulation mean?
1.A Price Leap is Coming
When institutional inv…

Stock Prices Are Very Erratic And Here Are The Reasons Cryptocurrencies Cannot Be Different

Cryptocurrency trading seems an easy concept to many people. Traders buy a token, wait for its value to increase, then sell it and buy other tokens. Just buy low, sell high, and don’t pay much attention to anything else.
If anyone ever described the stock market like that, they would likely be deemed insane or profoundly ignorant. After all, there’s much more to the stock market. There are many variables and situations that can arise and change the value of any stock
The thing is, it’s the same with cryptocurrency trading. One could even go as far as saying that cryptocurrency trading is almost the same as stock trading.
What currency really means
Part of the problem is one of comprehension. Most people just don’t know what cryptocurrency, or currency in general, means. We live in a world where fiat currency is seen as a measure of wealth and little else. 
It’s easier to understand what currency signifies if we go back to when fiat made its debut. Back then, you were able to trade yo…

Why The Blockchain Is Not Gathering Traction Proportionately To Its Potentials

The blockchain has been hailed as a new technology that will change the world. This is indisputable with many changes seen so in sectors that has seen its introduction.

 Beyond all these, some people presently argue that blockchain adoption is still far-fetched.

Let us look at some of the arguments:

Most people have no need for blockchain. This is the main fact. Most cryptocurrency proponents hail its many advantages, but truth is people at large don’t need it. Under the current blockchain community, the technology might see some widespread usage on certain industries, but that’s it.

1. Not needed by the guy next door

Yes, the healthcare system would be greatly enhanced by a blockchain. But your next door neighbor still has no reason to get a crypto wallet. Or to even look into how those work.

This issue exist not only at a personal level. It’s estimated that most of blockchains developed today are useless, or at least unnecessary.

2. Hype-driven

The blockchain bubble will burst, but…

Ripple and its Token Lockup Period

Lockup period for ICOs defines the length of time that insiders/investors in the initial coin offering are expected to hold their tokens and coins before a sale. While there is no defined period, it is common to have 180 days or more as the period of lull.
The Lockup Period

Perhaps one of Ripple’s most inventive qualities is its lock-up period. In 2017, Ripple placed 55 billion XRP into a cryptographically-secure account that cannot be accessed by anyone.

Ripple then created 55 contracts of one billion that are released every month, so every month another billion XRP tokens are released for users to trade. The reason Ripple did this is to stabilize the distribution of the XRP. This way, the total supply cannot be bought up by a group or groups and can continue to work as a method of supporting transactions.

The Token Ownership Concerns

Part of the concerns expressed by critics on the Ripple token ownership model was that the huge holdings of 60 percent claimed by the company was t…