As Crypto Bulls Rage, Here is Your Best Trading Strategy For Optimal Returns

The best trading strategy in the crypto market as prices remain volatile

The crypto bulls are still raging, and Bitcoin has seen a price leap of 40 percent above its trading height of just 7 days ago. As of May 7th, BTC traded for 5,900 USD and as at the time of this report, it was hovering under just 8,300 USD

The legendary bandwagon effect of bitcoin has been at play with most crypto gaining some traction in the process. To any discerning market watcher, the question will be-how do I profit at this time?

1. Not yet buy to hodl

As it is still early days yet in the crypto spring, many traders and investors could make a mistake by deciding to buy and hold. 

Why this strategy has its place, it might not be yet be the time to just buy, sit back, and watch the market price surge.

Am I sounding like a contrarian to the prevailing views? Maybe. However, the truth is, it is early days yet for anyone to buy and just sit back.

What then should you do? Read the next step.

2. Buy, watch, and sell

This is not exactly a novel idea when it comes to crypto coin trading  or stock market trading. When prices are volatile, the best thing to do is to be watchful. 

A full-blown crypto spring is not yet here and there is no better way to ride the wave of volatile prices than to be strategic.

When you log into your trading dashboard, do not just be in a hurry to place a market order.

  Follow these steps methodically

  • Look at the trend for the past hour in order to decipher the highest gainers
  • After choosing the leading gainers, use the limit order to buy the token or coin.

  • Set the percentage gain you expect by matching the highest price so far for the day
  • Set your sell order using a sell order
  • Set an alert and when the sell order clears, look again at the leading gainers for the last hour and follow suit.

3. Using a loss-buffer

For your crypto coin trading, it is acceptable to expect that BTC or ETH will lose value in lesser speed. 

However, the market can be unpredictable. As a result of this, it is better to choose any of the stablecoins.

If you trade on a leading exchange like Binance, you will have the privilege of choosing from the following stablecoins:

  • PAX
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • USDS
  • TUSD.

So, what you can do is to convert your tokens and coins to stablecoins from the list above at the end of your trading day. 

This is one way to ensure that a massive drop in prices do not wipe out your trading capital.

4. Start the process all over again

At the beginning of your crypto coin trading day, start the process again from step 1, and round it off with step 3. 

As you do this daily, you realize that your crypto wealth will be increasing steadily, and the chance for a massive loss will be greatly reduced.


This trading strategy is best for a period of price volatility when no clear direction can be identified in the crypto market. When the market price tends wholesale bullish, it will be safe to buy and hodl.


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