Harmony One Launch: Another Chance For More Than 100 Percent Returns On Binance Launchpad

As Harmony One Launches on Binance launchpad, Investors Could Make More Than 100 Percent Return on Investment in a Few Days.

The next project that is set to launch on Binance Launchpad is Harmony One. The project itself is designed to help anyone or business put up a marketplace for native tokens and usage. 

The other opening here is that a business can leverage on the platform to monetize loyalty credits or points and these are tradeable.

How to make money Here

The approach to make about 100 percent return on the sum invested on this project is quite clear. On the Binance launchpad, projects that are readied for launch have their tokens distributed to holders of Binance Coin.

So, for HarmonyOne, the process is not any different from the projects like Matic that have already gone live.

How to Participate

To participate in the allocation of Harmony one tokens, all you need is to hold BNB tokens for a seven-day period.

The first four days of the 7-days period marked out for eligibility, an investor has to have a minimum of 100 BNB on Binance. The last 3-days, only a minimum of 50 BNB needs to be held.

According to the calculation already outlines by Binance, just by having the minimum tokens above, you will be allocated 75 BNB. The market price of BNB as at today’s trading is $28,48

So, if you had 100 BNB tokens in your wallet, you will bag $2100 in free Harmony One tokens based on today’s marketplace. It is expected that the tokens will be listed within a week, and these becomes tradeable immediately.

Benefiting from Harmony One Price Spike

Just be listing on Binance exchange, Harmony One already has a ready market. With millions of users looking for what to do with their funds to make more money, you can be sure this is a clear leeway to gain some tangible rewards.

Why no one can be sure how much Harmony One will gain after listing, you can at least be glad that Binance already provides liquidity for this token.

Binance Gains

Binance launchpad is clearly a strategic platform used to drive the market agenda of Binance exchange.

Clearly, BNB is one of the crypto pearls at the moment as more people rush to acquire it in order to get a foot in to reap Harmony One rewards.

You can head to Binance now and join the gold rush.

Always remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and past performance cannot be an indication of future gains.


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