Little Known Crypto Lights up Binance Charts in 48 Hours of Trading

Matic, the little-known crypto has light up the Binance trading charts in the last 48 hours. It has maintained a spot on the leading gainers chart since Monday night.

This good showing can perhaps be attributed to the closing wave of the crypto winter. So far, price gains and a better outlook have opened a new window of optimism for crypto traders and investors.


As shown on the CoinmarketCap Image above, MATIC sprang to $0.04972 just past midday UTC on April 30. However, it went higher to $0.0056 by 1900 hours on the same day.

As at the time of this report, the price has dropped to $.00435, but it still held on to the top position on the price gainers for for USD trades on Binance.


MATIC NETWORK set out to be a solution used for the ease of transactions and faster transaction processing times on the platform of decentralized apps and blockchains.

Its platform makes it possible for POS terminals to process crypto payments without time lapse.

The network uses plasma framework, known for scaling Ethereum transactions to record levels. On MATIC network, transactions are linked to Ethereum blockchain and processed optimally with ease.

The network hopes to incorporate sidechains functionality in the days ahead so that more platforms can benefit from its efficiency.

For starters, crypto adoption largely gets impacted by how the world views its efficiency. No one will commit to a platform that will tie down user funds with repeated transaction slowdowns.

This is where projects like MATIC make a difference. While Bitcoin provides a platform largely reputed for its safety features, it is still commercially inoperable.

In terms of transaction speed, a confirmation period of almost 30 minutes holds back Bitcoin blockchain from emerging as the flagship for commercial usage.

This has led to the emergence of platforms like EOS, Stellar, and Cardano. All these alternatives have better processing times.

MATIC, on the other hand, is focused on optimizing dApps and interconnected blockchains so that transactions can be efficient and concluded speedily.


MATIC was launched on Binance exchange and it is a product of the launchpad series on Binance. Launchpad is a platform that enables blockchain projects to be made available and listed on Binance.

Matic is available on TOKOK, Dcoin , and Binance exchanges. MATIC is maintaining a market price gain of more than 18 percent as we went to press.



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