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The Winklevoss Twin: The Crypto Geniuses And their World

The Crypto Geniuses
The 'Winklevoss Twin' are among the crypto geniuses that are globally recognized today. Cameron along with Tyler are also reputed to have developed Facebook while at Harvard before Mark Zuckerberg went away with the idea.
On the crypto front, Winklevoss Capital Management is the vehicle used by the twin to advance their growing empire. They are clearly not to be overlooked as the crypto scene gathers momentum across the globe.
Related CompaniesBesides the obvious interconnection (ConnectU and Winklevoss Capital Management,) Gemini is naturally related to the other major crypto exchanges, such as Binance. However, among the related companies and businesses we should list for Gemini, there’s one outlier: Traditional stock markets.
This goes back to Gemini’s inception, and the previous experiences of its founders. The Winklevoss twins aren’t precisely strangers to investing. Coming from a well-off family (that Harvard education,) investing is a relatively common…

How The Binance Coin Phenomenon Is Living Up To its Hype And Revolutionizing Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Launching a native cryptocurrency has become a bit of a fad among crypto exchanges, particularly in the last few months.
They offer lower rates when paying with their coin as a way to get users to buy the token, yet for many of its users it is a novel way to rake in some savings.
 It often feels like the exchanges are trying to have their cake and eat it, making money both from currency trade and owning a blockchain.
Still, it’s a common practice. And although some exchanges manage to justify it and make it work, others don’t. So how do they fare in general?
For the purposes of this list we have omitted stablecoins, since they are pegged to the USD and therefore their value can’t change at all.
Binance Coin (BNB)
Probably the golden standard for exchanges owning blockchains (and the largest on this list), Binance has managed to justify its blockchain and crypto token by adding features to it they wouldn’t be able to do without a blockchain. 
The most important of them at the moment i…

Binance Chain 101: All You Need To Know

Enter The Binance Chain 
While Binance is known mainly for being the biggest crypto exchange in the world, the company has for a while been extending beyond just that, and into other crypto-related projects. The biggest of them is the Binance Chain – that is, a native blockchain.
Yet, it can be difficult to understand why a crypto exchange site would create its own blockchain. It feels, to some of us, like a bank deciding to print its own money. However, since the blockchain technology has many uses, Binance Chain is, more than a goal, it is a means to several goals.
What is Binance Chain set out to accomplish?
Binance’s current position in the market gives it both credibility and power, and it seems to be attempting to use that power to shape the crypto market as it readies to enter the mainstream. 
The main reason for Binance Chain is a simple one: A blockchain allows Binance to launch a distributed crypto exchange, in this case in the form of Binance DEX.
While a distributed excha…