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This Is Why The Crypto Scene Is Worth Your Consideration

Cryptocurrency Market Outlook In December 2017, cryptocurrency market capitalization hit all-time-high of 600 billion USD, and this hit the headlines in the global financial market. Since then, like other tradable investment, cryptocurrencies have seen highs and lows. Despite the ups and downs in the market, many investors around the world made a stake in the emerging world of these wonder coins and tokens.  Major financial market players like JP Morgan have bided their time, and just at the dawn of 2019, the JPM cryptocurrency was unveiled to the world. With all the buzz it has generated in the last two years, there is clearly a direction appearing in the horizon.   So the question remains: How is the cryptocurrency market doing? Is there any future to it? Why the stock market parallel works The reason that the cryptocurrency market is viewed as a parallel to the stock market is simple: people view it as an opportunity to make gains, use it as an investme