Stability VS, Volatility: Where Gold Meets Cryptocurrencies

Stable Values or volatility?

Other than stocks and real estate, valuable metals are also commonly used by people as a vehicle to protect their investments. 

Endearingly, their values remain mostly stable, that’s not seen as a downside – in fact, stable value is the upside in this case.

While fiat currencies and stocks can lose value, the world market for gold or silver generally stays the same– and in some cases, prices can even go up during a recession. That makes it the prime investment for those trying to protect their wealth against loss of value.

But can bitcoin take the place of gold now? Unlike fiat money, cryptocurrency circulation is limited. As such, inflation isn’t much of a thing there. And unlike gold, you won’t worry about physical storage, since they’re virtual.

This has led many people to consider whether holding cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, instead of gold, is a wise idea.

The truth is, it is a plausible prospect. While the metals market is stable, the crypto market isn’t. In that regard, buying cryptocurrencies is a lot more akin to buying stocks. 

Why you will enjoy price stability with gold, bitcoin, and the likes will give the greatest value appreciation.

There’s no doubt that there’s a real prospect for cryptocurrencies and an avid investor will recognize this. As mass adoption happens, the expectation is that the market will bloom, at least for most tokens.

Last Lines

In following the crypto market trajectory so far, it is obvious that a pattern similar to stock market-traded securities is discernible. 

Seasons of highs and lows, as well as sideways and jigsaw movements 
are documented for cryptocurrencies.

The point is clear-it is a market in the making, and this cannot be ignored.


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