The Binance Second Anniversary Promo: All you need to know

Although Binance is one of the main players in the crypto market these days, holding a market capitalization that makes most other exchanges jealous, the site isn’t really old. 

While most large exchanges have been around for several years, in some cases even a decade, Binance is among the newest of the lot.
Specifically, the site is just about to turn two years old.

Naturally, the site’s managers want to celebrate this milestone. A business turning two years old is always something to celebrate, and it turning two years old while also helping shape the market is an even bigger achievement.

So, to kick off Binance’s third year in the market – and a year that’s already shaping to be the most interesting of all – Binance is launching a promotion for all of its users. One that has € 100,000 in prizes.

How to participate

Naturally, there’s a little thing you must do if you want to win anything during it. 

While Binance giving money away just for fun would be nice, the site is mainly a business – and therefore, it’s more lucrative to make any such promotions business oriented.

But don’t leave – this won’t cost you a dime. It’s not that kind of business oriented promotion.

What the management at Binance wants you to do to get some cash to spend on crypto is simple: Help them get new users.

And yes, it’s just that: getting new users. They don’t need to spend a dime on crypto although, of course, the guys at Binance won’t mind if you do so. 

You just have to send your friends an invite and, once they register on, you’ll both get credited with €10.

In order to validate the new users are real (because else people would just create burner accounts,) new users must go through account validation/KYC process to be eligible for the promotion. 

All users can participate, but the maximum amount a user can earn from this promo is €100. Prizes will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis until the €100,000 goal is reached.

Social media contest

But that’s not all Binance is doing to celebrate its second anniversary. There’s a second giveaway, this time through social media.

Specifically, Binance’s twitter account is looking for more followers and exposure, and they’re open to rewarding people for their help.

In this occasion, the requirement is simpler: You must follow @Binance on twitter. 

Then you have to write your own Binance story, that being any story of your experience with the site, and tag it with the hashtag #BinanceTurns2. And then you have to retweet the promotion tweet.

Unlike the main promo, this contest won’t have people receive stuff on a first-come-first-served basis. Instead, a lucky draw will be hosted with the following prizes:

– 20 winners who will split a pool of 200 BNB, with 10 BNB each
– 200 winners who will each win a YubiKey hardware security key.
– 100 winners who will each win a piece of Binance merchandise each

This makes a great promo for Binance users, particularly those who believe in the exchange’s seemingly bright future. The contest runs until all through July, so if you have a Binance story to share, go for it.

Participants in this contest must have a twitter account that’s at least one month old, have a profile picture, and must have tweeted previously about non-contest related things.


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