The Winklevoss Twin: The Crypto Geniuses And their World

The Crypto Geniuses

The 'Winklevoss Twin' are among the crypto geniuses that are globally recognized today. Cameron along with Tyler are also reputed to have developed Facebook while at Harvard before Mark Zuckerberg went away with the idea.

On the crypto front, Winklevoss Capital Management is the vehicle used by the twin to advance their growing empire. They are clearly not to be overlooked as the crypto scene gathers momentum across the globe.

Related Companies

Besides the obvious interconnection (ConnectU and Winklevoss Capital Management,) Gemini is naturally related to the other major crypto exchanges, such as Binance. However, among the related companies and businesses we should list for Gemini, there’s one outlier: Traditional stock markets.

This goes back to Gemini’s inception, and the previous experiences of its founders. The Winklevoss twins aren’t precisely strangers to investing. Coming from a well-off family (that Harvard education,) investing is a relatively common activity both for them and their circle. 

From the get-go, Gemini was meant to more closely mimic traditional exchanges, presenting a platform where both crypto traders and newer people who had experience with the stock market could feel at home.

Other crypto projects

As mentioned before, Gemini’s projects are a bit less spread out than those of other exchanges. However, that doesn’t mean Gemini has no stake in any other crypto projects, just that their stake in them isn’t as direct as that of other companies.

First, Gemini does have its own cryptocurrency – the Gemini Dollar (GUSD). However, unlike other exchanges whose cryptocurrencies are attempts to take over the crypto scene and perhaps becoming the next Bitcoin, the GUSD is a stablecoin, pegged to the value of the American dollar.

 As for their partnerships with other crypto projects, Gemini is the first licensed trader in the world to offer Zcash.

Last Line

In the days ahead, more should be expected from this duo as they make their mark in this emergent world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.


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