The World of eToro: Crypto And Investment Brokerage At Your Fingertips

Since starting out in 2006, eToro has made a name as an online platform that investors can leverage to make money using a number of investment vehicles. 

Related Companies

Since eToro began as a stockbroker, its main related companies are other stockbrokers and online financial services. Sites like Plus500 and ZuluTrade are often named among its main competitors in the online trading market.

Recently, however, the site has been linked to other crypto exchanges – this partly to how alike the crypto exchange scene is to a stock exchange. 

That’s why the site is usually listed along with Binance, Coinbase, and Bitfinex, even when eToro’s market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is much smaller than that of those competitors.

Other crypto projects

For now, eToro’s main public focus towards crypto is in brokerage. Although the company has been allowing crypto trading for a while, most accounts were banned from depositing or withdrawing crypto from the site – with only certain verified accounts being given the option. 

Moreover, only a few crypto tokens were accepted, portraying the system as one that is clearly made for investment or parking rather than active trading.

That changed recently when the company launched eToroX, an off-site dedicated to cryptocurrency trading that’s now open for the public.

It still only trades on a handful of tokens, although the number of tokens they trade is expected to grow bigger with time.

Along with the launch of eToroX, the company also launched eight types of stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and JPY.

Last Line

eToro, and its crypto-focused arm, eToroX, are hardly the best exchanges to use. Their requirements, both in documentation and investment size are steep; their presentation is cold and feels impersonal, and the system is convoluted and not at all helped by having what would be a complete set of features inexplicably split between to separate systems.

That said, there is no doubt that the platform has something going for it; having weathered the storm these past 13 years, it is likely to remain a  force to reckon with in the business of moneymaking via crypto and other investments.


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