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How Small, Unregulated Exchanges Are Raising the Numbers in Crypto Volumes Against All Odds

When people look into cryptocurrency exchanges, the first two names are almost always Binance and Coinbase. These two exchanges, after all, claim to have the lion’s share in transaction volume (Binance) and amount (Coinbase,) thus monopolizing the market. Those claims aren’t lies – Binance is indeed the single exchange moving the most crypto tokens on any given month, while Coinbase indeed has the largest amount of transactions most of the time. The detail these claims always seem to ignore is that neither of those exchange has 50% of their market. In fact, they’re nowhere near. A fragmented market It’s easy to believe those exchanges would be the ones processing the vast majority of transactions, considering they’re almost unanimously recommended. And to be fair, they are processing the vast majority of transactions and, as one would expect, the large, regulated exchanges do hold a vast majority of crypto traders and users. But things change when we look into

Why You Should Explore Gold Investments

Is buying gold a good investment today? We all have heard it from friends, or perhaps read it in books or the internet: Buying gold is the best investment you can ever make. Gold never loses value, and therefore he who buys gold only gets richer and richer every day. Yet naturally something doesn’t add up. If securing your money and even making more was as simple as buying gold bars, then nobody would waste their time in the stock market or investing in real estate. But we know for a fact that millionaires usually keep lots of money in these markets, so what’s the truth? The nature of gold vs paper investments Gold has been a popular commodity for thousands of years. The shiny, good-looking stones were highly sought after long before they even had a use, and until not too long ago it was the de-facto currency in most societies in the world. This has given it a mythical status, where people will often expect gold to be worth lots of money just for being gold. I