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MoneyGram Goes Live On Ripple’s ODL

Ripple’s ODL-On Demand Liquidity is the successor to the erstwhile platform known as XRapid. Since it was announced earlier on in the year that MoneyGram signed an operational agreement with Ripple, many people have looked forward to how well the deal will work. At the Swell conference held last week in Singapore, Alex Holmes who is the chairman of MoneyGram gave a hint of how the partnership was working out. A New Dawn By describing the MoneyGram and the ODL partnership as magic, Mr. Holmes was affirming that the new dawn was making a difference. The highlight of the session was the confirming that MoneyGram was now able to complete transfers from America to destination points around the world on a 24/7 basis. For Brad Garlinghouse, who is Ripple’s CEO, he was quick to affirm that legacy efforts come under a great deal of pressure in the tech space . To him, there should be coordination between key players to make service delivery better optimized. The