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The Best Performing Cryptocurrencies To Watch in 2020

Anyone who knows just a tiny bit of the crypto market can tell you to invest in Bitcoin  or Ethereum. Depending on when you receive this advice it may be good or bad, but it’s certainly not a difficult advice to come across. What can be difficult to know is which smaller, newer tokens to invest in. The crypto market is controlled by big tokens and flooded with small ones so much that finding one’s own way through it can be impossible without guidance. This can be a problem for newer investors since it’s smaller tokens that have the biggest chance for large returns in the short-term. While the tokens listed below aren’t necessarily new (as in, they didn’t make a debut in 2019,) they aren’t as well-known as others and, in most cases, they’re still new and cheaper tokens that can boost your earnings potentia l. Chainlink Although Chainlink is nowhere near being one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, its position as an underdog is changing – and fast. The