The Best Performing Cryptocurrencies To Watch in 2020

Anyone who knows just a tiny bit of the crypto market can tell you to invest in Bitcoin  or Ethereum. Depending on when you receive this advice it may be good or bad, but it’s certainly not a difficult advice to come across.

What can be difficult to know is which smaller, newer tokens to invest in. The crypto market is controlled by big tokens and flooded with small ones so much that finding one’s own way through it can be impossible without guidance. This can be a problem for newer investors since it’s smaller tokens that have the biggest chance for large returns in the short-term.

While the tokens listed below aren’t necessarily new (as in, they didn’t make a debut in 2019,) they aren’t as well-known as others and, in most cases, they’re still new and cheaper tokens that can boost your earnings potential.


Although Chainlink is nowhere near being one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, its position as an underdog is changing – and fast.

The reason for this is simple: Chainlink gave a 500% ROI over 2019, well above what most other tokens did, and serving as an excellent example as to why investing in smaller, promising tokens, can lead to bigger earnings than going for Bitcoin.

Naturally, this happened in part because Chainlink – who promises to allow network operators to connect to each other via the blockchain – has a great proposal behind, one that could well change the face of our communications in the future.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is one of the weirder blockchains around, mainly because of its research-driven approach, which means that no changes to the blockchain can happen without both proof said changes will work and consensus on the change.

Cardano’s main aim is to improve on the dapp-based ecosystem that Ethereum popularized. While the blockchain has been out for a while, it’s still in active development with changes and additions happening constantly. 

While during December 2019 the price dropped to an all-year low, this drop came after a price surge in November – with a market correction expected soon that should bring the value of the ADA token back up.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Although the 2019 ROI of BAT was nothing to call home about, sitting at about 45%, it was still noticeable – particularly in a market where many tokens lost value instead of gaining it.

The reason BasicAttention Token is considered a great investment is simple: The token is having its day in the sun following a strong advertising push that saw many famous Youtubers recommend the crypto asset, along with the web browser it is tied to, to their followers. 

This advertising push came as part of BAT’s own affiliate program where content creators are rewarded for recommending the token, thus leading to thousands of new adopters in a very short time.

But that’s not all. As is well known, a good portion of the crypto community is concerned with privacy and sees cryptocurrencies’ ultimate goal as ensuring transactions can happen securely and privately, creating an environment where people can pay for anything without third parties being able to snoop around.

BAT scored a win with this part of the community last year when they secured the support of the TOR browser and its tied engine, Duck Duck Go. For those not in the known, the TOR browser is the largest privacy-focused browser in the market, offering not only private access to the internet, but also to the Onion network – and with it, the deep web. 

Duck Duck Go, meanwhile, offers a fully private search engine where neither what you search, not where the requests come from, are saved anywhere.

Naturally, securing the support of these two systems is a massive step towards privacy, thus helping bring the token’s value up – and cementing its popularity among members of the community.


2020 is promising year and many investors have a chance to hit the megabucks as they make the right portfolio pick during the year.


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