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Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: Which are the lowest?

    Nobody likes paying transaction fees. Be it from using our debit/credit cards, from bank transfers, or from payment services like PayPal, there’s a part of us that always feels bad when we notice the added fees – particularly if we add them up. Since this is the case for fiat money, it stands to reason most people would feel the same about cryptocurrency fees. However, while most articles on crypto fees will give you detailed information on which exchanges offer you the lowest fees (and for which currencies,) we rarely ever take a look at another important part: The fees currencies themselves charge.   Why do cryptocurrencies take fees?   Blockchain – that is, the technology behind cryptocurrencies – relies on a semi-distributed ledger where, instead of a single server keeping track of transactions and authentication, every node on the network does. However, as everything in the world, keeping these nodes up costs money. In Blockchain’s case, this money isn’t a mo