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4 Factors Fueling The Growth of P2P Crypto Market

Since 2008 when Bitcoin was introduced, cryptocurrencies have gone through various versions of perception. Initially, they were considered just another frivolous tech project that would get lost with time. That has not been the case. Despite swings between highs and lows, such as the bitcoin rally to $20,000 (with corresponding upswings in other cryptos like ETH) and the dip to below $6,000, cryptocurrencies have continued to soar in popularity. More people, by the hour, are signing up on exchanges, creating crypto wallets, trading, making payments for services, and sometimes, just storing their money. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the growth of the P2P crypto market, below are four of them. Eroding trust in traditional finance: From the great depression of 1929 to the 2008 global economic recession, and now, the looming financial slump from the coronavirus pandemic, two lessons have kept recurring. They are: Ø    The centralized economy is too vulnerable to syste