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5 Uniswap Facts You Must Know Right Now

    The problem with crypto trading, and how many steps and fees it can incur, is one many people have tried to tackle. Until recently, the Binance blockchain was the most successful solution on the market, since its use of pegged tokens allowed people to easily trade between select cryptocurrencies over and over without incurring huge blockchain fees. For Ethereum and its plethora of tokens, however, there’s a new best service: Uniswap. 1.       What is it? Uniswap is a new, Ether-based, distributed currency exchange. Unlike centralized exchanges, that take customers’ buy and sell orders and offer prices based on them, Uniswap works without an order book, instead acting as a liquidity provider. 2.       How does it work? Uniswap’s liquidity provider system works by allowing people who have tokens to “lend” them to the system to give it liquidity. Each time a customer buys a token from uniswap, they pay a small fee that is then distributed among all liquidity providers for

How To Win Trades In A Cryptocurrency Bull Run

  A bull run is a market condition characterized by a continuous surge on prices that is above an observed average in the particular sector under consideration. For cryptocurrencies, we have seen bitcoin post the best quarter of its existence in 2020 Q3 by holding above the 10 thousand USD mark. Vital Signs Many people are at a loss if it is possible to make money trading crypto. While the naysayers have their say, the investors who choose to be bullish have their way. First step here is to read the market and get an idea on the direction of your tokens and coins of preference. An outlook that points to bull market conditions or an impending market rush should be ascertained. For example,2020 has been plagued by low productivity due to the lockdowns across the globe, and this was sure to tank financial markets. In search of havens, investors have gravitated towards crypto and exited financial markets considerably, This indicator is one that shows that crypto patronage will not flatten