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Cardano Breaks New Grounds, Moving Up On Crypto Top 10 Rankings

CARDANO Steps Up To Take The Reins of Smart Contract Possibilities   There are many existing platforms for Smart contracts development like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Waves, EOS, NEO, TRON, Tezos and many others. All these platforms have unique qualities depending on their operation language and product features. These unique properties determine whether or not a user will select them for use in carrying out smart contracts.   Recently, a new smart contract development platform was put forward – Cardano. Cardano is an ambitious, up-and-coming platform built on a proof-of-stake blockchain to provide high scalability and to balance the need to regulating the decentralization and isolation of blockchain technology. The Cardano’s platform is not fully developed; it is still advancing at a slow pace.   The masterminders of Cardano conceived it as a platform that would be developed based on research findings. Cardano’s network is operated based on systems and principles put